Egg Bowl

Mum made scrambled eggz this morning. I got to lick the egg bowl!
Plus the hots are going away outside.
Today is a good day.

Have a great caturday efurryone!


I've never had eggs. That sounds so interesting...
Sparkle said…
We got a scrambled egg once because my human heard it was a good treat for kitties, but we just thought it was kind of weird. I think Boodie wound up eating it all.
Katnip Lounge said…
hmmmm, eggs? We've gotta have Mommy fix us some to try.
Athena said…
I love eggs! Sounds like a great day at your house!
Camie's Kitties said…
We get to eat scrambled eggs once in a while. We don't like too much of them. We're glad it's getting cooler too.

Cody and Gracie

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