Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We are having a heet wave around here, its been this way for 4 days and my hairs are trying to fall out. Mum brushed me today and pulled off 2 brush fulls for the 2nd time since Sunday. I'm shedding! I've never had to shed before, it's never been warm like this for so many days. Ok ok, I'm exzajerating just a bit, it's not THAT hot, not hots like the WB had where he is, but for here, it's pretty warm! Its warm to the point that I didn't even sleep in the bed with Mum last night, I stayed out in the living room sleeping in the driving chair. She was wondering where I was all night, but I think she realized that I didn't like the temperature in the bedroom.
I know some California kitties are up where it is hundreds of degrees, I feel for you guys, it's not that hot down here, and we are coastal, but the warms that I am feeling is bad enough for me.

Now the sun has gone away so the temp is cooling and I can go out on the concrete out back and roll.

This is not me right now, I am not sitting on a lap today, but this is my annoyed face:


Cheysuli and gemini said...

The hots are good but sometimes it gets too hots!

Sparkle said...

It has been very hot here too! My human has had the air conditioning cranked for us (and also because otherwise her brain would boil into a confused mush).

Athena said...

It's been okay here, hot but not as hot as you! Mom furminated me and gotted a lot off of me, so I am feeling better and not shedding as much.


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