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Some new things have happened around here. A travel tent showed up and Mum started taking me for my practice rides. Since she doesn't get it when I yowl and yowl during the rides, I told her my opinion of the tent by chewing a hole in it. We'll see what that does.
The berd recently vanished from the house. A new man came in one day last week with Mum, they talked awhile, then they put Samule in her travel box and he left with her. I guess the people felt that it would be better for her to move in with someone else instead of travelling with us. I hear she has a mini flock now, that man has 2 other berds. I bet that house is super noizy.
Mum has also started another blog, I have no idea how she'll keep that one updated, since we all know how she does at helping me keep this one current. However, her school is done, so blogging can replace her paper writing time. Http:// Is this address, I have no idea what it'll be about.
I'll post pics o…

Handsome Mancat with a new collar Monday


Scary noises in the night

A few nights ago my Mum and I were waked up by a scary noise outside.  I don't know how to spell the sownd it was making but it was kind of like "ay-ay-ay-oooooroooooo!".   I didn't know what it was, but Mum said it was one of these:

She said it's called a ky-oh-tee.  It sounded like it was right out back, but we don't know how close it really was.  You have seen my back yard, its not that big and there are other houses right behind us, so that means he was pretty brave to be walking around in our area. It hollered for a few minutes and then it ran off because the "ay-ay-ay-oooo" got less noizy.
I think he was hungry, because when I'm hungry I make a lot of noize too, I hope he wazzint looking for my food cause I'm not into sharin.
Now she won't let me out in the yard in the dark without shinin a light at me every five minits, so its barely worth it for me.  I was still workin on getting those gofurs, but now I have to wait for them to a…