Handsome Mancat with a new collar Monday

Mum bought me a fancy new collar this week. It's bright oringe so it's noticeable in the day time and  I'm visible in the dark if she shines a light at me because it has reflective lines on it.  It also makes me less vulnerable to hunters if I go somewhere that they have hunting season.  They'll know that I am a hunter too, not the prey because oringe is the fashion color for hunters. 

See it really stands out on my dark fur colors.

the grass is tasty too.


Mr Puddy said…
Nice Color and it look purrfect on you !!!
Sparkle said…
I am orange all over - does that mean hunters would not shoot me?
Fuzzy Tales said…
We like your orange collar! But we certainly hope you don't roam where hunters are....sometimes they shoot first regardless.
Wow! That is very fashionable. I like it.
Katnip Lounge said…
Your new collar is spiffy! Mommy giggled about "safety orange", she wears shirts that color to work.

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