Adventures at Grandma's house

Yesterday and today have been pretty good ones. I haven't seen that other kitty at all, so that makes it good right away. I've got to explore around inside the downstairs without worrying about Smokey, because Mum is able to close doors between us. I've checked out the dining room and the piano room, and also have learned about going up and down stairs. I've never done stairs before this weekend, I'm really good at it now. My new house has some stairs from what I've heard, so its nice that I get to practice before we move in. Yesterday I actually got in the other kittie's litterboxes, I hope they weren't too offended, its not like I did any business in them, I just dug around a little bit.

I was allowed to go out in the yard on a leash the past few days. That was fun. They have all kinds of trees, and of course in trees there are birds and also skwerls. There are lots and lots of sights, sounds and smells. I wandered around for a long time this morning and then convinced the WB to take me out for awhile later in the day. He let me out without a leash and then Mum came out and ruined it all. She followed me around and then grabbed me up when I went places she didn't want me to. She hauled me back to the house, which I was not happy about. I growled a few times, and she didn't get the hint. When we got up to the door, I tried to tell her without question that I didn't want to go back inside, to her that translated to being mauled on the arm and she still didn't listen. So it was back to the bed room for me...

We do have pictures, however the innernet won't work right and won't let me put them on here. When we get back to the hotel room (which I think is tomorrow after another long PTU ride) we will update with pics.


I am glad that you settled in finally. That is always good. It will be best once you settle into your new home.
Katnip Lounge said…
William, don't worry about the Mom-mauling...scratch happens! We think stairs would be soon do you get to go to your new house? You are a trooper.
Sparkle said…
It sounds like you did some fun things, as long as that other kitty wasn't around you! Too bad your human had to spoil your fun, though - humans can be like that.

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