What is going on???

Today I had to sit in the PTU for at least a hundred hours. Mum drove and drove and drove, we just kept driving, until finally the peepul let me out and put me on the harniss and took me out and walked me around in this freezing cold windy noizy parking lot. After that I was actually happy to go back in the PTU. After that we drove another billion hours in the dark until finally we arrive in a place called Needles. I sure hope we don't get poked by any needles in Needles.
Now we are in a little room, that is kind of like my peepuls bedroom with a bathroom in the same place. I finally got to have dinner and some water and litter usage. Yes Mum offered all of this to me in the truck, but how am I supposed to go outside or in the box in the transporter, i just held it all day. Ihave a feeling that we aren't staying here, and this whole process may be repeated.

Just so you all know, I tried to protest all of this, but after about 3 hrs of yelling, scratching and biting the PTU I decided that it was more painful than helpful. She just wasn't listening to me, however I did get a few good bites in on her fingers when she stuck em in to touch me.

FYI- ptu = prisoner transport unit. And the hour amounts may have slightly exaggerated.


Sparkle said…
William, this does not sound like fun at all!!
Fuzzy Tales said…
No, this doesn't sound like fun to us, either. Bet it's not fun for your human--lol!
Katnip Lounge said…
Holy COD! This sounds like what happened to us ten years ago...and we don't think you exaggerated about the time in the LEAST.
Max said…
Ugh, dood, I feel your pain. Or at least I have too many times to wanna remember...
Camie's Kitties said…
William, we are purring that your day today was better than yesterday, but we are guessing not. Hang in there. It can't last forever.


Cody and Gracie

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