Monday, March 19, 2012

Mancat Monday

Hi guyz, sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Its becoming summery around here recently. It's been really warm, actually hot during the day, this puts a cramp in my outside adventures. That hot sun on my black furr is very unpleasant and kinda painful, so I hide out under the trees next to the house if I am out. Since the incidents with that stoopid introoder cat I have not been allowed out in the dark very much. I have to enjoy the few hours after the sun starts going down when it gets cool.
I have ackwired a taste for crickets, I hear them peeping and then I hunt them down and eat them. There are allll kinds of crazy bugs here. Mum is constantly battling them, she is at war with some wasps right now. They want to build there house in our yard and we don't want them to. they built about 2 inches worth of hive in the tree I hang out under, Mum sprayed something bad on them to make them go dead. There is also this big dood that flies back and forth in front of the porch all day, he's a carpenter bee, Mum hated him at first but then she read that he can't sting and isn't mean unless given a reason to bee.

That's all for now. Until next time, I'll be napping.


Sparkle said...

Mmmm, crickets! They are so tasty! We usually don't get a good crop in until summer around here.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Well enjoy that sunshine!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We don't think we'd like wasps or bees, but the crickets sound appealing! Bet they're tasty!


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