We apologize for the lack of blog attention

I wanted to write everyone and let you know that we are still here.  However, Mum is going to some skool that is away from home.  She visits home on the weekends and has very little time to help me blog.  I do not agree with all of this leaving that she keeps doing, but apparently my opinion has little bearing on the situation.  I hear that this will keep happening for most of the summer unfortunately.  So I hope you all don't forget about me.  Thank you for remembering my gotcha day and blogoversary, since my hyoomins have been too busy to pay attention to that kind of thing. Mum feels guilty now, she said that she will do something for me this weekend.
We will try to put up blogs but bare with us, it might be kind of sparse.


Well we hope that you are getting attention if your blog isn't.
Do not stress over this - we will look forward to hearing from you when you can. Life happens and we all know that!
Max said…
Sometimes people gotta do their thing...it would be nice if they'd leave the computers on for us, though...

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