Sunday, July 1, 2012

hot and lazy Sunday

Holy cats is it hot outside! Fur melting hot I tell ya. I went outside for a few minutes this morning and did a quick patrol, then decided I couldn\'t handle it and went back to lay in the shade on the porch til Mum let me in. Now I plan to do to very little the rest of the day. Its not hot inside.
Even Mum and WB are stayin in, and they are usually out doing things in the yard. They were lazy this morning, it was almost 11 before I got breakfast, and I get my food as soon as they are out of their room if that tells you anything.

Mum gets to stay home this week with us so there is a happier mood in the house today than on other Sunday\'s when she has to go back to her school.

Stay cool efurrybuddy.


Sparkle said...

Out where we are it's warm but not as hot as everyone else. We are very lucky right now.

Max said...

Ya, I don't know what we'd do without the cold air blowing thingy, other than whine a lot. It's not even as hot here as it is across most of the country, but I would still melt if I went outside.


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