Birthday wish list

My birthday is coming up on Thursday Feb 28.  I'm gonna be 5.  We will be hosting a party, and I'll post the deetails soon.  Mum told me tonight I could go on the Petco website and pick out some things that I might like for prezzints.  Her Mum makes her write a Christmas list every year, so its just like that, except its a birthday list.   Here are some of the things that I picked out:

I wonder if I'll get any of them.  We shall see.  I'm expeshally curious to see if she'll really get me 47 bags of Tem-tay-shuns, they don't all have to be Tuna, they can be all flavors.


I think that is a very modest list, William - I would have added a designer cat bed and a couple of cat trees.
William said…
Its not the complete list, its all I could copy on a screen print. MOL
The Island Cats said…
Wow, that's some cool stuff you picked out! We hope you get it ALL!
Max said…
NIP BANANA! I hope you at least get that because those are AWESOME!

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