Winter wonderland

The other night while Mum was at work I looked out the window and saw some funny stuff falling out of the sky that I hadn't ever seen before.  Luckily she took a picture of the suspicious stuff while she was driving around.

When she got home the next morning some of it was still out in the back yard and the grass was all cold and
crunchy. But naturally I had to investigate even though it was still sorta dark out.

Mum ran back inside after she snapped these pictures, while I braved the cold for a few more minutes.  Not too long after my feetsies got cold and I wanted breakfast so inside I went.


Is that... HAIL?! I hate hail with a passion! It is loud and scary and a couple of times we had piles of it here - and that was frightening!
Oh dear. That looks cold. Stay warm!
William said…
It was snow, which in South Carolina is not very common. It came down for about 30 min, and what was left over on the logs was about 6 hours old. It didn't amount to much.

William's Mum
Mr Puddy said…
OMC ! I wish I could sent " Australia Heat " to you !
Stay cuddle !!!!
The Island Cats said…
You were very brave to go out there. We get lots of that white stuff and we never go out in it.
Hannah and Lucy said…
Our paws are feeling cold just looking at that picture!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
William, we're talking to the daddy about moving to South Carolina... if that's snow for you, and it doesn't come often, we're all for it! February in Michigan bites, if ya know what we mean.
Harry, Dexter and Tipp
Hilary said…
brrr... your poor feetsies
Marilynn said…
Take care of those feeties! You only have the one set!!!! We're glad you got to explore that strange crunchy stuff, though. =)

Grace & Company
Marilynn said…
Take care of those feeties!! They're the only set you've got!

We're glad you got to go exploring, though. Our mom wouldn't let us outside under any circumstances!

Grace & Company

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