sorry Mum

I really am sorry, but I will be doing my best to prevent you from getting ready for work today. You know you aren\'t allowed to move a cat from a lap. It is against Cat Law. . You will obey Cat Law!


Humans can be such awful Cat Law breakers!
Timmy Tomcat said…
The Cat on the Lap Rule applies in our home too!
Timmy Tomcat said…
Lap Law Rule goes in our house too
Gracie=^o.o^= said…
Good rule. Like it.
Hey if you are wanting to escape what your mommie has in store for you tomorrow just stay over at the Tabby Cat Club. If you do end up going to the you know where for you know what I will be sending good thoughts. Sorry you have to go in for teeth cleaning. But it has to be done.
Kjelle Bus said…
The Lap Law rules goes in my house too :)
Our Mommy breaks the law all the time and sometimes she even lets a DOG sit in her lap.
Hi Willie!! you are so handsome! It is a pleasure to meet you!

Love, Cody and Caren

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