Friday, March 22, 2013

The Lookin at stuff game

I may be a big man cat, but compared to the peepul I\'m pretty short. What that means is that unless I can jump up on something nearby I can\'t get a good look at things in the house that are up high. Fortunately for me I have a Mum who understands my dilemma (not because she\'s short too, she just gets me). Every so often we\'ll play the "lookin at stuff" game. What game is this? You ask. Its the game where she picks me up and carries me around the house and lets me look at(and sometimes touch) things like pictures, wall decorations, high windows, speakers etc. Its not a long game mind you, since I don\'t enjoy being carried for long, and I get too heavy for her, but its long enough to see some stuff. Thanks Mum. Do any of you have fun games like this at your house?

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Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

My human plays that game with me sometimes too!


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