Tower Talk

I love my cat tower!  I sleep on it, I play on it, I scratch on it.  It's all around the best thing in the house.  I really have fun when the peepul play with me and I'm on the top circle, I get a purry when they toss a toy up at me and then I kick it about until it falls on the floor or down to the tube below me.  Its like that 52 pick up game, I toss it and Mum or WB has to pick it back up for me.  I purr and purr and purr some more when we play this game.  I sleep up there every night too, and when the WB or Mum comes in to wake me up in the morning, I greet them at eye level.



That looks like an awesome tower!
Great tower! We think it's time our mom got us a bigger one!
Fuzzy Tales said…
We can tell you love that tower; we think it's pawsome!

Happy weekend/Easter to you!

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