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Its my Gotcha Day

This was me on Gotcha Day May 23, 2008.  I was an itty bitty kitty, with giant feetsies. I have loved my peeple since day one.  
We have had many adventures since that first day.  We have moved twice, one time included that horrible week long car ride from Catifornia to here in South Catolina.  I have met my new V-E-T Dr. Hudson and all of the techs there who are kind of afraid of me. I have learned that I dislike other cats, I learned this at my Grandma's house when I was forced to stay in the upstairs room away from Smokey and Sammie.  
Here we are five years later, I hope we all keep having fun adventures together for a long time.

A Snake, A Snake!!

Whoa!! This dude/dudette was in the backyard behind our fence.  At first the WB said it was a Copperhead and Mum got all scared 'cause those are poisonous and she was worried that it might bite them or me if I jump the fence again.  After more Googling online they decided that it was a Corn snake, who is not a big danger after all.  Phew, that was kind of scary for a while.

Rebellious Little Troublemaker

A very long story for you...

I admit it, I've been getting in trouble with the peeple more than usual lately.  I think that is why Mum hasn't been helping me blog, because she has been upset with some of my shenanigans and rebellious behavior.  See, here is what has happened:

About two weeks ago I went outside in the afternoon, like always.  While I was out there I heard and smelled something strange on the other side of my fence.  I peeked through the slats and saw movement and fuzzy fur. Naturally I HAD to check it out, the issue was that it was on the other side.  I know I'm not supposed to go to the other side, really I do, but this was important.  Without Mum knowing, I jumped over the fence (yes I realize this was bad).  She did not know about it until the neighbor dog Stella started barking her stupid brains out at me, I wasn't worried about her, she's behind her fence and I was far away from her, but Mum heard her going nutso and came to check it out.  She …

Wordless Wednesday


Backyard Friends

These are just a few of the feathered friends that Mum and WB feed out in the backyard.  See, even though we don't have an indoor berd anymore, we have plenty of outdoor ones, so we can still be called the at least the Feather and Furr gang.  There are many others, including skwerls that visit the feeder.  I leave the berds alone, but those skwerls.. they are fair game if I ever get close enough to one.