Saturday, June 29, 2013

Peepul smell positively pawsomely!

My Mum puts her bullit proof vest on the bed in the spare room to dry out after a long hot day at work.  She thinks it stinks.  
You know what I think?  I think it smells blissful!  (I love to lay on it, and rub myself all over the thing.)
Just like the shoes, sandals and gym clothes that the peepul think are stinky.  
Call me crazy, but peepul smell is one of my favorites. 
You know what I think smells bad?  Post shower peepul smell, they smell all freaky when they come out after washing themselves.  I always have to make sure to put some of my smell back on them when they come out.
Peepul and cats must have opposite smellin' receptors. 
Except for litter smell, I can agree with them on the litter stench 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Remembering an icon

Today I am joining the rest of the Cat Blogosphere and remembering Skeezix. My Mum began reading Skeezix\\\'s blog at before I even came to live with her, and he inspired her to help me start my blog. Throughout the years we got great joy reading about his adventures in CA and around the world. Sadly, Skeezix lost his battle with vishus toomurs, Mum told me about it when she got home from vacation and we got a bit leeky eyed about it. We\\\'ll miss him lots. This picture of me with pink hearts is in his honor, since I don\\\'t usually do pink. Hope you are having a blast at the Bridge with all the other pets Skeez, we\\\'ll meet again one day.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Movie night

The peepul decided to watch a movie on the TV tonight.  I thought, "Hey, this is cool everyone is sitting on the couch.  I think I will join them."  I hopped up on the couch and plopped down on WB's lap, I had to move my body all around for several minutes, trying to find the most comfortable position.  You know how that goes, you toss and turn, then pull yourself forward by grabbing on to their knee with the claws, which makes them squirm a bit, and at that point you have a comfy spot. I got all comfy for a few minutes until I realized what kind of movie they were watching, I guess it was a military kind of movie, but I just knew that it was noisy.  They have surround sound set up, so it sounded like we were in the middle of the war zone that was on the TV.  I laid there in the lap for several minutes, but my ears couldn't relax, there were bangs, pops, and all kinds of crazy noises happening in front of me and behind me.  I was doing the weird ears thing like the peepul laugh at on the "Mean Kitty" videos on Youtube.  I tried to lay my head down, but I could only close one eye, in case something happened and a war actually broke out in the living room, I wouldn't be caught unaware.  The WB started laughing so much, I got off his lap and sat by myself for a few minutes.  Then while I was sitting there on the floor a dog barked, I still don't know if there was really a dog, or the dog was on the movie, it spooked me a bit and I guess I made a funny surprised face and once again, they laughed at me.  I left them and went somewhere else until the movie was over.  I'm not a fan of movie night after all, I think I prefer quiet regular TV show nights.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The dreaded vaccuum

Ok peepul, you can turn OFF the vaccuum NOW!  Until then, I'm going to sit on the highest place in the bedroom with the giraffe dude and look down upon you all unhappily.

Easy like Sunday

Just lappin and nappin on a Sunday morning.