Saturday, June 29, 2013

Peepul smell positively pawsomely!

My Mum puts her bullit proof vest on the bed in the spare room to dry out after a long hot day at work.  She thinks it stinks.  
You know what I think?  I think it smells blissful!  (I love to lay on it, and rub myself all over the thing.)
Just like the shoes, sandals and gym clothes that the peepul think are stinky.  
Call me crazy, but peepul smell is one of my favorites. 
You know what I think smells bad?  Post shower peepul smell, they smell all freaky when they come out after washing themselves.  I always have to make sure to put some of my smell back on them when they come out.
Peepul and cats must have opposite smellin' receptors. 
Except for litter smell, I can agree with them on the litter stench 


Max said...

The Woman thinks it's gross, but I like to lick her skin when she's all sweaty. It's nice and salty! Stinks, too! People just don't get it...

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Actually, I never like the way my humans smells - I think humans are always stinky.

Mr Puddy said...

I always love love human's smell, Especially..Daddy !
Last night I put my nose to his sock and inhale, Mom said I'm a sick kitty...tee..heh..heh

Fisher and Staff said...

The catman here works out in the hot Florida sun, as he says, "Making golf courses green for a greater America." The cats love his sweaty clothes when he gets home. I stay in my office until I hear the shower turned on.


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