Remembering an icon

Today I am joining the rest of the Cat Blogosphere and remembering Skeezix. My Mum began reading Skeezix\\\'s blog at before I even came to live with her, and he inspired her to help me start my blog. Throughout the years we got great joy reading about his adventures in CA and around the world. Sadly, Skeezix lost his battle with vishus toomurs, Mum told me about it when she got home from vacation and we got a bit leeky eyed about it. We\\\'ll miss him lots. This picture of me with pink hearts is in his honor, since I don\\\'t usually do pink. Hope you are having a blast at the Bridge with all the other pets Skeez, we\\\'ll meet again one day.


We think you did a great job with the pink hearts (and non-pinkness of the pink day!)
We think you're doing a fine job rocking the pink. : )

We'll miss Skeezix and all the smiles and giggles he gave us.

Katie, Glogirly & Waffles
We all will miss Skeezix lots, and it's so great to see so much pink today.
What a nice post for Skeezix

The Paw Relations
Skeezix was a very special ManCat! We'll really miss him

The Florida Furkids
you done good, william--pink hearts fur skeezy is the purrfect way to honor him. thanks!
Skeezix would love those pink hearts!
dood...ewe bee rockin thoze hearts N we noe skeezix bee lovin it...a grate post for him !! ~~~~
meowmeowmans said…
What a wonderful friend Skeezix was to so many. It's so nice to see everyone taking part in honoring his memory today.
Awww, we love the pink hearts Willie :)
We bet there is a super party going on at the Bridge too. We will miss Skeezix!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie
Skeezix will be missed.

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