I got a new entertainment thingy

Mum has been thinking that I've been bored since I don't get to go outside much any more, it's about time that she figured this out.  While she was at Walmart she was looking at kitty toys and this is what she came home with.  It wasn't very expensive, in case that it did not meet me demands and I ignored like most things that she brings me.
It required some assembly, which I assisted her with.  

I'm going in

Yeah, its good for laying in

She had to get a picture of me yawning.  It looks a bit crazy to me.



We have one of those - we got it as a Secret Paws gift. I am the only one who uses it, which is fine with me - I don't want those other two in there anyhow!
dood...we think ewe like yur momz hand better...go ahead N attack it...her can fix it up with sum cloth N band ages....noe worreez ther...
Sparky Spitfire said…
wow...looks like there was a little earthie-quakie in that video. how brave you are to stand your ground like that. have fun in your tentie.

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