Garage fun

Usually the bloo car stays in the garage, so I'm not allowed to go out there, even though. I would love to go out and inspect it.  But...sometimes WB takes the bloo car to work. On those days, like today, Mum lets me in there to explore and lounge about for awhile. Kitty enrichment we call it, or just a change of scenery.  Its fun while it lasts.   
Oh and guess what!  Yesterday when the carpet, measurin guy came over, I snuck right outside through the garage door to the front yard. I checked the underside of the truck, the  Mum and the carpet man corralled me back inside. They are no fun. 

Aagh, somebody save me!  The carpet roll monster is eating my paw!!! MOL, just kidding.


dood...we loves de garage !!! ...N spesh a lee when bugs sneek in ther coz we get a slite snak !!!
Lucky you, William! My human has found a black widow or two in our garage, so no way are we allowed in there.
The Island Cats said…
Aw, you're so lucky, William. We never get to go out into the garage. The mom says there's too much nasty stuff in there.
Oh, William, you're so lucky. We aren't allowed out in our garage. Newton went out there and didn't want to come back in, and that was it. No more garage for us. Enjoy yours a little extra for us!
meowmeowmans said…
William, we don't even HAVE a garage here. You are so lucky! We bet the floor feels really nice and cool, huh?

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