Bath day....Wait! What???

I do have to say that it has been quite a long peaceful time since the peepul thought it would be best to drench me with water and soap in the bath tub, but today that all ended.  Mum picked me up and put me in the bath tub in several inches of water and the WB held me there.  She poured water all over me and then lathered me up in girly smelling oatmeal soap.  I must admit, the warm water wasn't that bad while it was happening and I stayed there like a good boy with only a little bit of mumbling and grumbling about it.  Finally I was released and now I have hours of work ahead licking myself dry since I hate being rubbed with the towel.  

Oh and by the way, Mum, I'm going to sit on your with my wet cat butt until I'm dry.  Betcha won't do this again soon.


Sitting on your human while you are still wet is the least you can do to return the favor she did of getting you wet in the first place!
dood...afturr ya have dried off yur gonna look just like ya did bee fore dont let de food serviss peepulz tell ya sum thin like...oh, you look like a million $$$$ william....

we fell for that million $$$ bath trik N it came up short 999,999.99 cents ewe uz....we looked de same az we did last yeer !!

Jobi and Fisher said…
Really. Threatening the human? I hope 1) that is works or 2) you have a backup plan!
meowmeowmans said…
We agree! If you have to get a bath, you might as well sit on the human until you're dry. :)

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