Thursday, October 10, 2013

The yearly trip

Today was my yearly trip to the V-E-T  at Hudson Veterinary Hospital. To start,  I wasn't happy about going in the driving machine
Notice my unimpressed face.

Wait, wait! You don't have to just see my unimpressed face, here is a poorly shot video that Mum was nice enough to capture while we were driving there: 

Do you remember what name the peepul at the V-E-T gave me last year?  No?  Well, they call me "Sweet William" there, they even put it on my name sticker that they put on my PTU when I stayed there for a teeth cleaning.  They don't call me that because I'm nice.  They call me that because last year when Doc. Hudson did the poo extraction procedure I turned into a whirling, growling, ATTACK PUMA!  So now they are afraid of me (well, maybe not afraid but I can dream), I figured that would have gotten me out of another trip.  I guess I was wrong.

So we get there and Mum opens the PTU door and I walk out with no problem.  The tech was worried about how I was going act, so she had Mum pick up all 19 pounds of me and put me in the baby scale.  Pssh, baby scale, I barely fit in that thing and I wasn't hanging out in it, so I stayed just long enough for it to measure my heftiness and I got down and went back in the PTU. I decided at that point that I wasn't getting out again.  

Then the Doc comes in and he and Mum talk about me for a few minutes.  Given our history, me and him have an unspoken agreement, he doesn't touch the butt and I don't get bitey, it's a good agreement if you ask me.  He even wisened up this time and decided to not take me away from my Mum to go to the scary exam room by myself.  This did not change my mind about coming out of the PTU, I have learned how to defy gravity when I comes to that.  He tried to dump me out of the PTU and I did not fall out, it was pretty impressive on my part.  Right up until the part where the Doc and the Tech started to take the screws out of the carrier to pop off the roof.  I tried to voice my displeasure by hissing at them as they were taking it apart, but they were insistent. Next thing I knew, my protective cave was topless and I was there in the open.  They put a towel over me and scruffed my neck, I have to say I was kind of helpless in the clutches of that tech. it's like a mama cat taught her the scruffing technique.  I buried my face in my bloo blankie that Mom Tara made me and just prayed to Bast that it would be over soon.  The whole thing lasted about 3 minutes, then it was over.  They stuck me twice with the cold vaccination serums and skwerted some goo in my mouth, then Doc listened to my insides with his listening device and then just like that, they let me go and put the roof back on.  

It wasn't all that bad afterall.  I guess I just got myself all nerviss and worked up for nothing.  
They even sent home a little bottle that Mum has to put some poo from the box in.

I'm glad the V-E-T staff has learned how to handle this mancat.  Thank you Dr. Hudson for treating me well.

Even Mum left without being embarrassed by my behavior today.  It was a good trip, except for the driving part.

Guess what else!
On the way home I learned where the litter scoopings get thrown away when we stopped at the dump to dispose of our garbage.  It smells funny there, and there were lots of flies.  I'm not going to be begging to go for rides to the dump in the future.  If I were a dog, I bet that would be a fun thing to do, but I'm not a dog and I don't like rides.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I guess you taught the vet human how to handle you last time, William!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

We're glad that all's well that ends well. We can't believe you found out where the scooped litter goes while you were in the PTU, too! Talk about an eventful day.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

glad ya hada grate chek up dood N we gives yur mewvie 937 paws up...we LOVES de teeth shotz at like 25, 26, 27 !!!! rock on ~~

meowmeowmans said...

Well, I guess that v-e-t learned a thing or two from your last visit, right William? :)

Alice Marie said...

Hi William,

I wandered over to meet you and I think you're very brave to hiss at the V-E-T. I usually just hide my face in mom's armpit.


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