Saturday Napper Day

It was napper day until Mum kept finding me in my secret nap spots and taking pictures to ruin my peacefulness.  
"Can I help you, Mother??"

This was my sun puddle that I like to lay in, she saw my feets sticking out from the other side of the bed.  She was trying to get just my legs but I was wondering what she was up to, sneaking up on me like that.

And then a few hours later, my secret blanket cave in the spare bedroom.  Well, I know its not a secret, but she doesn't usually take pictures.

In hindsight, I guess I ruin her peacefulness on occasion. So maybe its fair, in a way.  I'm still going to get my naps in today.


Fuzzy Tales said…
We especially like that first're camouflaged there!
I do think there is some human nap disturbance in order!

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