Saturday, November 15, 2014

Surprise treats

Today Mum went to help out with an adoption event at the local PetCo with the no kill animal rescue that she works with: God's Creatures Deserve to Live from here in Dalzell, SC.  They had 3 puppies there and one of them got taken home by a new foster mum.  Since she was at PetCo, she knew she couldn't possibly leave without getting me something.  Here is what she came up with as some nice surprise treats for me.

  I've never tried this Cat Sip stuff, and I know I like the milk from the cereal bowl, so even though it looks a little funny, I'll give it a try,..

I tried wasn't the best.  I'll give it another shot later, but so far, my opinion is...meh. I appreciate the thought though.


Summer at said...

I would probably like it... but then I'll eat (or drink) nearly anything!

Crafting Queen said...

Nice treats. Have a good day.


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