Oh humans, will you ever learn

Well, they did it. They washed me in the tub. Now I'm forced to bathe myself, AGAIN, to get all this water and stench of soap off of me. You guys better be prepared for the epic hardball that I'm gonna yak up. Until, them I will lay on them while I'm wet, unfortunately mum is prepared for this and put a towel on her lap. I was able to get the WB unexpectedly.


The Island Cats said…
Oh your revenge will be so sweet! :)
ick...what is wrong with humans?

Happy Valentines Day in spite of the bath.

The Florida Furkids
I get baths twice a month for cat shows and I never think to do this. Hmmm...
Crafting Queen said…
Oh no, not a bath! At least you can share the wet. :)

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