Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Blogging sometimes pays off in the form of free treats, in return for an unbiased review through  I have done several of these reviews and a really don't know what they do with them, but they keep sending me freebies, so I guess I'm doing it right.  This month the nice people at sent me a bag of treats.  The packaging was great!  I love the Cuddle Buns name,  I think my buns are quite cuddly and it seems that they agree!

                                           Well, what's in there?  I smells it

 The stuff in them sounds like they are good for me, except for the clay part, I'm not too sure about eating mud.

 They smell alright I guess.  They look kind of dry.  I suppose that is appropriate for dried rabbit.

My opinion (and mine alone) is that I don't really like them.  I'll eat them if Mum leaves a few out, but I don't gobble them down like other treats.  They crumble when I bite them, and I prefer crunchy treats, these are not crunchy.  Other cats would probably like these,  in fact I'll let Mum share these withe introoder kitties out back, then I get to keep all of the Temptations.  I'm not a big fan of these rabbit treats. 

Thank you to:
 for sending me these to try in return for my unbiased opinions. 
I love getting food mail!


Summer at said...

I'd probably like them, since I like other flavors from the same brand. To each his own, William!

The Island Cats said...

That was an honest review, William. I tried these and I liked them. Wally however, said he could take them or leave them.

Crafting Queen said...

You did a great job.


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