One less tooth

If you follow my Facebook, you have sort of heard about my unpleasant day yesterday. Let me explain in more detail, with my Mum's help, since I don't remember much of it.  The day began with no breakfast, that there is bad enough to cause a horrible day, but it progressed.  She put me in the P-T-Uand loaded me into her work van, I've never got to ride in that before, but it was just as bad as every other vehicle I've been in. She took me to Dr. Hudson's office, my most dreaded place on earth, and left me there.  Yes Left.Me.There!!. What happened next is speculation since I was sedated and mum wasn't around, but I was sleeping for awhile, and during that time my teeth were cleaned and Dr. Hudson found out that I had a broken tooth.  (Mum and WB feel really bad for not knowing about it before)             
Yeah I'm tough and didn't tell anyone about it, but it's been like that for awhile, hard to say how it happened, but Doc had to do some stuff and yank it out.  Apparently he had to break it all the way, it was cracked half way, then extract it then stitch up my gum.    Sounds like he had a time of it, I'm glad I slept through that. 
Also, sometime during the process I had areas of my fur shaved off and I was stuck with needles, overall I guess that was the least of the drama.  
We heard that there was a goat at the clinic who walked by me as I was waking up in a bad mood and I growled at him, which caused him to panic and jump, I wish mum could have seen that, she likes goats. 
At the end of the day mum finally came back to get me.  As we were getting ready to go it started crazy down pouring rain.  She ran me in the P-T-U to the van, I got a little wet, but she got drenched, driving in the van, in the rain was the loudest thing I've ever heard, if I had been feeling normal it would have been sorta scary, but I was still pretty groggy from the sleepy medication, so I just wanted to get home.  We got home, I was back in my safe place and I got to eat, it was an end to the awful day.   Now I've mostly recovered, mum is giving me lots of wet meow mix, even tho it tastes different than usual, and feels like there is a gritty weirdness in it, I'm happy about it.  I have some little pains in the spots where I was poked with needles, those spots that were shaved are a bit cold, and my mouth doesn't feel quite right now that I'm missing a tooth, I think I'll be just fine. I'm glad to have that tooth fixed.  


Caren Gittleman said…
Oh my you poor baby!!!!!!!! The indignity of it all!!!! We hope you are feeling better soon! Love, Caren and Cody
The Island Cats said…
We're sorry to hear you lost your toof. We hope you feel better soon.
I'm glad that broken tooth is gone - I bet it was hurting! Feel better soon, William!
Crafting Queen said…
You poor baby, you had a terrible day. Hope you are getting lots of fuss and treats today.
dood....sorree ya had de day frum yell....N we hope like be jezuz de vet gived ewe bak yur tooth... sew ya can put it under a pillow... coz teethz tern ther selves inta CASH monee ...sum how....

any blessings oh st francis two ewe ya heel quik ♥♥

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