Window woes

I guess it was nice outside today.  They say it was close to 70 degrees, my condolences to the folks who are buried in snow, but I didn't get to enjoy it, if that is any consolation.  I was only allowed to look and smell out the open window.

In case you have been wondering where I've been, we keep posting on my Facebook, since it's faster and easier, so if you want to see more William...go here:


The Island Cats said…
We're buried in snow and all the windows are closed. So we'll live vicariously through you, William.
Well, I'm a little annoyed because it was even warmer here and my human promised to take me out for a while - and then didn't get around to it! So our nice weather was wasted.
Crafting Queen said…
We had a lovely day and I even got ot got out.Hope you get some outside time. :) skipper

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