Relaxing day

I know how Mum usually likes to enjoy Sunday as a nice quiet relaxing day, and I've for once been cooperative to that idea.  Of course, we don't usually match up on our ideas...
For starters, she shared treats out back with the little calico cat that I despise greatly (the last time I got out, I chased her over the fence and up a tree), I think a cat who does this: 

at another cat's house, deserves to be despised.

Then, I was minding my own business and here she comes to our room to play on the computer and take pictures of me: 

Oh what's a cat to do?

Aside from those two things, it's been an easy Sunday.


The Island Cats said…
She shared your treats with another cat? Oh, that doesn't seem right. Well, try to enjoy your Sunday in spite of it.
You would have had an even better day if your human hadn't misbehaved so much!
Crafting Queen said…
My Mummy fead another cat as well, he was here this morning. The things we have to put up with. Skipper
meowmeowmans said…
You were TOTALLY just minding your own business. It's always the humans that ruin cats' good times, right?

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