Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pet Travel Safety Day

Thanks to another cat blogger I just learned that today is Pet Travel Safety Day.  I am no fan of travelling, but I know it is very important for me and Mum to be safe if I have to go anywhere in the four wheeled machine.
I have done a fair amount of unhappy travelling in my time, if you recall about 4 years ago, we moved from Catifornia to South Catolina, boy was that the worst.  It was many, many, many days of being locked in the PTU (Prisoner transport unit for those who don't know) in the back seat of the truck. 
This is me in the PTU on that trip: 
I don't look to happy do I?  Nope I'm not, but I'm not going to get hurt if something should happen on the road while we are driving. However, I cannot vouch for the sanity of the driver, since there was a great deal of yelling from my area, me telling Mum how I wanted to go back home, and get me out of here and all that kind of stuff.

This an example of how a cat SHOULD NOT ride in the vehicle:
(this is at a rest stop, not while moving)
This is dangerous for the cat and the human, because if other cats are like me, I have to climb around, and look out of all the windows and cause many distractions for the driver of the vehicle.

These days I don't have to go on long trips, I have to go to V-E-T a couple times a year and that is plenty bad enough, even though it's only about 15 minutes of riding, no one enjoys it.
However, I'm in my PTU every night because that is where I sleep in my room, it's cozy and comfy when its not being used as a transporter.

Be safe everyone!!


Summer at said...

I can't believe you traveled ALL the way across country in a car! That was quite an adventure.

Christy Paws said...

Many years ago, before mom knew any better, she had a cat who travelled everywhere with her and was never in a carrier.

The Island Cats said...

I'm not a fan of travelling either...I sing the song of my people very loudly! But I always ride in my carrier. ~Ernie


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