Sunday, January 17, 2016

Food review time.

Its that time again, I get to be a spokescat for and review a product. Once a month we get an email from Sydney letting us know what the current options are to choose from.  If you have a blog you too can be a member, just send them a message saying you want to be a part of this great blogger outreach program.  The deal is, they send a product and you provide an honest review on your blog.  It's Easy Peasy!

This is the cool little box that was inside the big box, this was new, I hadn't seen this shipper before.
I like the warning at the bottom. MOL!

Let's flip that box over shall we...

Well now, what have we here?  12 fairly large sized cans of Ziwi Peak Daily Cat Cuisine.  Well that sounds fancy, I usually just get cat FOOD, not CUISINE.  

It also says that it's from New Zealand, that sounds exotic, 
I think I need to start talking with an accent now, let's see if I can write with an accent.  Better yet, I learned some New Zealand words just for you:
 Kia Ora eehvryone! (This means Hello everyone) and, Ka pai (this means Good).  Okay, okay, let's stop clowning around, I'm writing this in cat English.  Let's see if this food is ka pai or not. 

Back to talking about the food, it's made with many interesting sounding ingredients, let me show you: 

Venison? I'm not sure if I've ever had venison, I think that's another word for deer. That's like a whole deer put in this can, even it's lungs and tripe!  Wow, that's kind of crazy.  Agar-Agar, what the heck is that? Sounds like a mythical creature name to me.  After a little bit of research, I learned that it is a jelly like stuff that comes from algae, that sounds gross.  This is getting kind of creepy sounding.  
(I'm getting alot of extra education just writing this review, I've learned Kiwi language and now about gross sounding algae goo)

Here it is, this is what it looks like, I can't share the smell with you, which is probably a good thing.  That goo on the top must be the Agar-Agar.  This is what remains after Mum has tried to serve this to me, 3 dinners in a row. Well, let me correct that, she has served it, but I've barely touched it, all 3 times.  The first night, I licked it thinking, "yay, new stinky goodness!" I picked some up in my mouth and then spit it on the floor and walked away. She threw it out after I left it almost entirely untouched.  The 2nd try, she warmed it up, I smelled it, then walked away. She left overnight and the next morning I actually ate it as a lunch portion, since no one gave me any other lunch.  The 3rd try, she put some water in it and made it more saucey, and warmed it up.  I ate about 1/4 of it, then walked away.

Anyone who has ever met me, knows that I don't leave food uneaten. I'm not picky, I'll eat most anything, but this venison food is definitely not a winner in my book.   
Mum is disappointed because she was happy about not having to buy wet food for me for a few weeks.  Now we have 11 cans of food that I dislike.  We are going to see if other kitties that we know might like it better. She actually thought about sharing some with that introoder kitty that walks around out back sometimes, but I don't approve of that.  We know of some feral rescue kitties who would appreciate it as well. Have no fear it will not go to waste just because I don't think it is ka pai.

In any case, thank you for allowing me give this food a try. If you would like to try it yourself in this, or any other flavor, here is their link to shopping: Ziwi Peak Food

Disclaimer: sends me things for free, in return for my opinions on this blog, I am not paid for these opinions, outside of receiving the free product.  It's a ka pai deal if you ask me!

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Summer at said...

We're embarrassingly not picky here! If the rescues and strays around here get any food from us, it's not because we've rejected it, that's for sure, MOL!


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