Monday, March 21, 2016

SlimCat Food Dispenser Review

Hey everybuddy!  Today I'm putting on my Chewy Influencer hat and giving a review for a food toy that sent me this month. They send me items of my choosing, for free, in return for an honest review.  

As we bounce into Spring time, it is important to keep our energy levels up, but after the long winter some of us may have some extra weight on our bones. I saw a fun picture today that had a caption that said "Finally my winter fat is gone, and now I have spring rolls"  I though that was pretty clever.  My vet has told us that I'm a little on the rolly polly side, which I disagree with, I'm just a big mancat in my opinion.  I have never turned down a meal and I don't plan to start now.  

However, humans tend to have different opinions. They think about weight too much sometimes, don't get me wrong, I understand that it is important to be healthy, but all this talk about weighing too much is just too life consuming.  Alas, I digress, I'm supposed to be reviewing this food gadget that we got.

Let me introduce, The PetSafe SlimCat food dispenser...

You can click to biggify, but most of the words are in other languages anyway.

The concept of the SlimCat, is to make feeding time become exercise time, "Play away the pounds" as they say.  You see, the human puts food in the little green ball, then sets the hole size.  They put it on the floor and the kitty has to roll it around to make the food fall out of the holes.  There are different challenge settings, big holes make it easy, small holes make it more difficult. 

When Mum first gave it to me to try she put it on easy, so I wouldn't get frustrated with it. When she watched me figure it out right away, and apologized for forgetting that I'm a feline genius, she reset it to the harder setting.

As you can see on the video, I don't get much exercise with this dispenser.  I reach, tap it, then move slowly to eat what fell out.  Sometimes I'll chase it a little bit if it gets away, but our floors are pretty level so it doesn't roll far. I see the idea, but it really doesn't promote as much activity as they say it will.  It's ok for Mum to use to put out as an after breakfast snack that I can get while the peepul are at work.  I don't care to eat out of it when I'm starving for breakfast, she's tried, but I just walk away from it and keep begging for my morning bowl of food. The instructions say to feed only with the ball, but we kind of deviated from that, oops. 
So, all in all, it's kind of fun, but I don't see it as a way that I want to eat every meal.

As always, thank you to for allowing me to be a monthly #chewyinfluencer. As I noted above, I do not make any compensation, other than the free food and toys that I get to provide reviews on.  If you want to become a Chewy Blogger, send Sydney an email at I'm sure she'd love to sign you up.


meowmeowmans said...

We know a few cats at the shelter who might enjoy the SlimCat Dispenser! :)

Summer at said...

Yeah, you definitely need the genius setting on that feeder, William, because you figured the easy part out right away!

The Island Cats said...

We just reviewed the SlimCat too, William. We're not sure we like exercising for our food. ;)

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

You figured that out fast. Good job!


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