Special Memorial

Here is the memorial shelf that I have created.  It has things there that were important to William, specifically his best friend Ping, his blue blankie that "Mom Tara" made for him on his first birthday (that stayed in his PTU day and night, for sleeping and transportation) and a few mice.  I also made sure that Bast is there to protect him.  I made the photo collage with the Walgreen's online photo program. In the ashes box is a baggie of hair that Bullock Pet Services cut for us when they did the cremation, and also all of the fallen whiskers that I have found around the house since June.  

There is still a paw print on the kitchen table, I refuse to wash that spot.


What a lovely memorial. My human totally understands about you not wanting to wash the paw print on the table. <3
The Island Cats said…
What a beautiful memorial to William. The mom has a blanket from one of the cats that came before us and she has yet to wash it...she never will.
That is a beautiful memorial to William.
this is an awesome tribute you made for william ♥♥♥ when sauce died; he had left a nose print on the patio door the day before; it stayed on that glass for months ~~ ♥♥
What a great memorial. I'm so glad that he loved his blanket so much, and it brought him comfort. He was a great friend, and I know how much he is missed.

Tara (and Cody & Gracie)
What a nice memorial shelf. I'm still finding some Tortie furs around the house as I move furniture around and I hate cleaning it up.
meowmeowmans said…
Such a lovely memorial to William. Peace, love and comfort to you.

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