On the inside

I have no front claws, which means I don't get to go outside.  I don't know what is out there, but I see the peepul go out the door to do stuff.  So I sit and watch out the window, and wait for them to come back in.


It's too bad you can't explore, but you are definitely WAY safer inside!
mr wheat ☺☺ take it frum me; eye used ta roam de streetz de furst yeer
of me life; eye gived up me pass a port looooooooooong ago N never want
it bak......inn side life iz grate ~~~~~~~

♥♥♥ butter lover boomer o cat ~~~~~
Inside is so much better anyway.You are a cutie.
The Island Cats said…
Hey Buckwheat, we have front claws and we don't get to go out either.

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