Sunday lap selfie

I'm sitting in the LL's lap,  enjoying the company of the peepul,  since they left me alone for 23 hours yesterday.

Sunday Cat on My Head selfie blog hop.


Looks like you've got it covered there, Buckwheat :) Alone for 23 hours?!?! They owe you!
Erin the Cat said…
I say, 23 hours and the whole place to yourself... wow, absolute heaven! I got to admit it is nice to have them, the peeps, back and get the fuss and attention. After chasing mice around the bedroom I do need a change of pace. purrs ERin
Flynn said…
That's a lovely selfie. Enjoy your lap time.
Caren Gittleman said…
How dare they leave you alone for 23 hours!! You should get AT LEAST 48 hours STRAIGHT of lap time! catchatwithcarenandcody
The Island Cats said…
Wow, Buckwheat. Maybe you should sit in the LL's lap for 23 hours to make up for it.
meowmeowmans said…
Good selfie, Buckwheat! They left you for 23 hours?! That deserves, like, 23 snacks and 23 hours of undivided lap time. Just saying.
Jean Dion said…
A lap is the best nap spot. At least, my cats think so!

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

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