Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chewy Influencer- Merrick Freeze Dried Chicken

I heard that William used to get food mail from in return for his opinions, I thought, "Hey, I can do that too!"  I'm not nearly as daring with my food choices as he was though, so the LL was a little dubious about signing me up for the Chewy Influencer program. I rarely eat all of my wet food, but I do enjoy most treats, so she opted to try one of the types of treats that were offered for September.

This is the kind that she asked for:

Merrick Back Country, Grain Free, Freeze-Dried Raw, Real, live dead chicken, that sounds like something that would be pretty tasty. Wait, don't astronawts eat freeze dried food? That dood on the bag looks pretty tough (but not astronawt tough, actually I might be astronawt tough), I want to grow up to be tough like him, so I better eat these treats!  I like to lick the chicken packages that the LL gets, these are just dried up little chicken bits.  Which, to the health conscious types, would be very appetizing.
The package it came in claimed to be Yummy and delicious, so naturally I had to try the bag.  LL said, "No, that's not the food".  

"Well, where is the food?  I smell something in here"

We got a video of me sampling these little dried up chicken nuggets.  As you will see, I ate a small portion, after the LL basically fed it to me.  That is the only tiny bit of them that I have ever eaten. She couldn't get me to eat any more of it, so we can say that it wasn't one of my favorite treats.  I'm kind of sad that I didn't enjoy my first sample, I'm sure there will be others in the future and I hope LL picks better ones for me to try. However if you would like to try them, they are reasonably priced on, I'll stick to my Tem-tay-shuns and Whisker Lickins.

I did recieve these treats as a part of the Chewy Influencer Program and that means that I get them in return for my honest review and nothing more. Food is pretty good compensation if you ask me!


Summer at said...

I like these kinds of treats - there is actually an unopened bag of them in my cupboard right now!

The Island Cats said...

We're sorry you didn't like those treats, Buckwheat. We've never tried those, but we've had other freeze-dried treats and like them.


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