Whicker Licking Good

Last month you may recall that I was not very impressed during my review of my selection from Chewy.com.  I had an idea that it was a fluke.  I knew that the LL wouldn't purposefully get me things that I won't eat. She is still learning what I like and don't like, I have been here just over 4 months after all.  
This month's review selection was spot on, I totally love what I got.  Let me show you what it was. 

Whisker Lickins from the Purina people.  I have had Whisker Lickins before, and I have liked them, but they were the crunchy ones.  These ones are soft and let me say, they are just as yummy as the crunchy ones! So YUMMY! They have fun shapes (the ones they show on the bag), but I inhale them so fast I don't really notice which ones are which. 

I can't really say that they are the most wholesome or healthy, I don't know which kind of animal liver, or what the heck tetra sodium pyrophosphate is. However, they are treats, I bet you and your humans eat plenty of things that aren't always good for them, but in moderation they are ok. I only get 3 at bed time.

Here I am, taking one of these tasteys from the LL's fingers.  I can't fib, sometimes I bite her finger with the food, by accident.

Are you ready for some live action treat enjoyment?  I hope you are, because it's gonna happen right now.


Thank you as always to Chewy.com who sends me these great samples for free, in return for my own opinions, and also to Purina for allowing them to send out my new favorite treats.


I'm glad you liked them, Buckwheat!
The Island Cats said…
Those look like tasty treats!
glad she got something right :)

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