Doing Sunday the easy way

 I heard we had a time warp over night, things seem pretty normal to me, since I never know what time LL and LM are going to roll out of bed on Sundays anyway, today seems just fine.  Of course I never let a lap sit catless in this house, I'm making myself at home here with LL as she does computer stuff at the kitchen table. Take it easy today efurryone, its Sunday


We kitties here are fine with whatever the humans did, fiddling with the clocks last night! My human, however, is exhausted - she somehow missed out on the extra hour of sleep and wound up getting an hour LESS!
You are a cutie Buckwheat.
The Island Cats said…
We don't know what happened with the time last night. All we knew is that we wanted to eat an hour earlier.
dood....selfeez number two is total lee kewl !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥
Katie Kat said…
Hey sweetie - hope to see you again furry soon. -Katie Kitty Too

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