Friday, May 30, 2008

An award, fur me?

My nooest bestest pawsomest furrends in the cat blogosfeer gave me my furst award tooday. Thanx so much PB&J.

I hadn't told enybody yet abowt my horrible day on Weds. My Mum made me go to see sum peepul who weren't vary nice to me. Furst she put me in the dark bocks that I came frum the shelter in and then we got in this machine that she sat beehind a wheel of and it somehow took us away. I didn't unnerstand whut was going on. We went in a bilding and it smelled kinda funny and there were voices I hadn't herd afore. I cried and yelled at my mum while she kept me in that bocks. A few minits later we went in a room and I got to escape frum the dark bocks onto a cold shiny table, that they woodn't let me off of. Anuther lady came at me and made my mum try to pin me down and yoo will never beeleeve whut this lady did to me! She put a stick up my bum and held it thare for like an hour (at leest thatz whut it felt like)! It wuz bad. That wuzn't the worst of it, not even close. The lady made me eet some icky likwid, she sed it woold kill wormz, I'm not shure whut that iz but it sounds gross and I don't want eny, so I put up with that. Then anuther lady came in and she grabbed me up and stretched me all about and I started screeemin when something stabbed me, then I saw my blud goin into a tube thingy, it was awful. (They were checkin for lookeemia). She kept holdin me and I got stabbed again, (FVRCP vaccine). Finally they let me go and gave me back to mum and doo yoo know whut she did? She put me back in that bocks!! I showed her who's boss a few minits later. Oh my cats was it a bad morning! Finally we got back into the little machine to take us home, but I wuz not stayin in that bocks eny more, I busted out! I used my teeth and claws and broke a hole in it big enuff for me to escape thru. Then I wuz free to walk around in the machine, oh mum just sed it's called a car, so I wuz walkin around in the car all they way home. It's only like 5 minits away. She wuzn't vary happy with me for bustin out but she wuz gonna buy anuther bocks to carry me in enyway.

Me and the bocks definately were not agreeing.

On Thursday mum and dad both started going to work for the furst time since I've been home. I had to stay all alone all day, it wuz kinda sad fur me. I have some noo toys to play with, a long rope, a big bloo bow, some balled up paper, some beeds on a string and the skweeky mowse, so I doo have some entertainment and she left the radio on for me. I nap under the cowch wen I'm alone, so it's alright once I stop meowin for the peepul.
Today is Friday, I've been here a week, it's grate, I'm vary happy they came and got me out of the shelter.

This is my compyooter chare that I have to share with my mum.

Later efurrybody,
Luv, Willie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tabby Toze Toosday!

Here iz me trying to nap on mumz lap.

Here is the noo set of nale klipperz that mum bot tooday.

Heer iz my toze. Mum thot it wood bee nice to klip my toenales when I was tryin to nap. It worked, it wazn't so bad, she even filed them nice and smooth. Maybe mum won't make screechy noizes at me when I try to climb and scratch thingz now.

Oh, I wuz bad last night, at leest that's whut the peepul say, I wuz jus' runnin arownd like a crazy kitten all nite long, but thatz whut I doo. If thatz bad to them, I gess thatz life. Heehee.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Home and new blog

Hi there everybody, I'm Willie! I hear that cats that blog are the coolest, so I have decided to begin a career as a blogging cat. My new best human friend said that she'd help me write it, since I'm young and don't type well. My cat blog idol is Skeezix the cat, he's the ultimate in cool cats and I hope to be half as good as him at blogging.
This has been a totally tiring day, I got adopted this morning and have been going non-stop, exploring my new house, getting to know the people, finding new toys. It's been fun, but I'm bushed. Oh I found the funnest toy ever, I was told that it is called a pencil, it's grate to play with and carry around in my mouth, I don't chew on it, I just bat it around and it rolls all over.
Anyway, it's time to snooze on my friend's lap now.
TTYL, Willie


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