Snoozin Sunday


cyclone cats! said…
hi Willie!!!

WELCOME to the Blogosphere! You'll love it! Skeezix sent us over.

We're so happee that you found your furrever home!!

The Cyclone Cats
and Conner CLoud

PS-Our Ant Kat is in the Air Force!
Hi Willie,

Skeezix sent us to say hi! Nice to meet you.

Mommy says you are a furry sweet little kitten and got all Awwwwww and stuff...

high 5 paws, hugs and purrrs,
Kashim & Othello
Hey, Willie. Sounds like you've found your way to a nice furrever home, you little cuutie. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, Ozzie, and the pirate girls
Hi sweetie. You are so adorable. Skeez told us about you. Welcome to cat blogging. Have fun.
SophieKitty said…
What's up, my fellow tabby! You certainly a cute little fellow. Welcome to the blogosphere.
Daisy said…
Hi Willie! I read about you on Skeezix's blog. It's nice to meet you. I cannot wait to learn more things about you. See you again soon!
Skeezy said…
HEY WILLIE WAKE UP!!! Thare's a peepul abowt to sit on ya!!!!!
Camie's Kitties said…
Hi Willie. Welcome to the blogosphere. (((hugs))) to you. You picked to perfect weekend to start blogging.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
dennis said…
Dennis says hello! Looks like you have a wonderful home with wonderful humans! Good Job, Willie!
Hi Willie, welcome to da blogosphere! Yoor gonna like it here all da kitties is so frendly (der beans too).
If yoo wanna meets lots of other kitties dat blog go to
Hi Willie! Nice to meet you! The Cat Blogosphere is great, you will meet bunches and bunches of new friends! We are glad Skeezix told all of us kitties about you!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
The St. Louis Meezers
camerakat said…
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camerakat said…
Hello Willie, welcome to the web.
Max said…
Hiya Willie! Welcome to the blogosphere. matter what you hear, everything I say is the absolute truth. Plus, I'm in charge. And I'm very sweet. Very.

Hi Willie! Nice to meet you. You look like I did when I was a little kitten and I am 14 now. Good luck with your blogging career! We think that our blogging days are behind us, but it was fun while it lasted. And very addictive!


Best wishes from me too!

Parker said…
Hi Willie! It's nice to meetcha'! Welcome to the cat blogosphere!
wow willie,
u wer adopted an began to blog da same day?! yer prettee clever.
welcome to da blogosphere.
skeezy izza good role model.
luv--yer noo frend--jh
Angus Mhor said…
Hello, Willie! Welcome! The Skeezmon sent me over and I just wanna say how glad I am you've joined us. Lookin' forward to readin' all aboutcha!
Aoise said…
welcome Willie. Luks you haf settled wight into your new home and made your mark already. Keep it up ! Look forward to hering about all your advensurs.
DaisyMae Maus said…
Hi to you, Willie! I found the announcement 'bout your new bloggie at Skeezix's ... I wanna congratulate you on findin' your forever home AND beginnin' to blog.

Stop by sometime!
We came over from Skeezix'x blog to say hello! What a cutie you are! We are 3 cats that live in Minnesota. Come visit us anytime!
Kimo & Sabi said…
Welcome Willie - we hope you have fun bloggin! Looks like you gots a nice pad!
A perfect way to spend a Sunday! Welcome to the blogosphere!
brandi said…
Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. My you are such a tiny one! Glad you found your furrever home.

Sending ((((((HUGS))))))
Tyler said…
Hello Willie! You sure are a cute little guy. I saw your picture on Skeezix's blog. We hope you get to meet a lot of new friends on here like we have. It's a great place for a cat to be.
monkeybunkey said…
Sweet Willie is adorable! Hi ya Willie!!!!

Love, Monkey & Cooper
Derby said…
Hi Willie, Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. Don't let your human sit on you ans squish you!
Mickey said…
Hi Willie!!!! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!!! It'a always nice to meet new kitties :) I am so happy you have your forever home:)
Have fun posting!!
Purrs Mickey(from Canada)
PB & J said…
Welcome Willie! You're gonna love all the Cats in the Blogosphere! We're so happy that you found your furr-ever home and that you've started blogging!

Pearl, Bert and Jake
Kelly Cat said…
Welcome to your Forever Home, Willie! And welcome to the Blogosphere, too.

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