Tabby Toozday

After a long day of being mischievous I decided to take over Mum's chair while she was in the kichen. Today I learned how to jump on the kichen counter, I don't think Mum is happy with this new discovery of mine. I just want to get in the sink, I like the sink, every one of them and I have 3 sinks and the big bathtub, it's very exciting, ixsept she won't let me in the kichen one.


Derby said…
I like the kitchen sink too. I go in there when mum is not looking.
The Crew said…
She must have chosen that chair 'cause it matches you, right?
cute cute cute! beans need to realize that the kitties come first. so long as you like the sink and it can't hurt you, you should be allowed there!

great chair! i think you should keep it!

i gave you an award Willie!
I love the counters but for some reason the humans don't like me on theirs either...
Its OK, you'll soon figure out when she can't see you and you can jump up there then :).

Daisy said…
I am very glad you learned how to jump on the kitchen counter. It is very enjoyable up there, and I spend lots of time up there myself.
Camie's Kitties said…
Mom gave up telling us to get down off of things because she realized we would just get up there when she wasn't around, so why bother. You look very comfy in your chair.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

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