Hams and an upcoming adventure

I got a speshul treat last night. The peepul were having some ham and Mum shared several cubes of it with me. I love HAM, its probably like one of my favorite peepul foods.
I have been hearing talk that I am going on another adventure this week. We are going to my Grammie's House for Turkey day. I haven't met them before and I also get to meet my hyoomin uncle and cat uncle's Smoky and Sammy. I hope Smoky and Sammy don't get too mad at me for coming to their house. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes throughout the weekend.


Have a safe trip. We haven't tried ham yet!

Truffle and Brulee
Katnip Lounge said…
HAM!!! You are so lucky. We hope your trip doesn't last too long in the car and your Cat cousins are nice!
Wow! That will be quite an adventure!
Sparkle said…
A field trip - and it's not to the vet! This should be interesting! I've never had Thanksgiving at someone else's house.

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