Friday, November 18, 2011

hotel dwelling

Sorry I haven't written anything since last week, but I think most of you know that we have made it to our destination.
I guess we live in a tiny room now, I'm not really sure why, but it's okay. Kind of boring, but I'm here with my peepul, and read that other kitties sometimes have to stay in a private kitty hotel/prison away from their peepul when they are moving around like this. So I'm thankful that I'm here with them.
This place has strange noises all around though, it kind of disturbs us. Up above us is a noisy small person who jumps around and we hear him thumping around a lot. He does it all night, last night it went on until we went to bed. The WB actually called the desk and told them to inform the noise makers to settle down up there, but they didn't. Today they went down and talked to the desk tenders and were informed that the thumpy noisy peepul were gonna be up there until December 2nd. Not cool!

I have caught up on a lot of sleep since during the driving, I really didn't sleep well, but I've had time to relax since we've been here. Luckily Mum made sure that Ping came with us on the trip and we have had time to bond. Although, the past few days he's been hiding out under the bed. She also made sure that my bizkit pillow came with us too, so I make bizkits every night, and sometimes in the morning too. Its very soothing and stress relieving to make bizkits on the bizkit pillow and after that driving, I needed to de-stress big time.
So that's what's going on around here, wherever we are. I haven't been able to go outside to find out yet.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I suspect you may be moving again to a larger place with a really cool kitchen. But that's just a rumor. I keep hearing I'm moving again to a larger place but I'm kind of liking cozy.

Camie's Kitties said...

Yep, Mom saw your new kitchen and turned a little green. We are glad you are getting caught up on your rest and destressing from the trip. Purrs,

Cody and Gracie


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