Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whiney Wensday

Ow my mouth hurts! What is this pain that my teeths are causing me? Luckily Mum is letting me chew on her fingers because where it hurts most the teeth aren't grown yet so it doesn't hurt her much. I hurts to eat my crunchies, I only ate half of my foods yesserday, she needs to go to the store to get some wet foods. She'll go there soon I think. Any advice on how else she can help me? We hope this owch goes away soon. By the way tomorrow is my 6-month birthday, I'm half way to full fledged man-cat.This is me and my Mum last week, I was kinda chewin her fingers then too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cat Dancer Demonstration

Here is a little movie of me playing with my Cat Dancer. This is lazy playing, usually there is more action, but this day I was just laying on the floor.

Also, for Toesie Toosday here is a cute crossed paws pose.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some changes coming to my blog

I have decided to change my blog just a little, I am going to let the berd and the phish join in the fun, you see that I have added them to my heading picture and changed my title to fit them. They will have a day of blogging each week, I'm not going to let them have a whole bunch of days, I don't like to share that much, and I don't know how interesting their days will be since one lives in a cage and one lives in a bowl, but hopefully they will provide some entertainment. Oh wait, Samule wants to say something.

Samule-- Excuse me! Not interesting?? I am a lovely little cockatiel and I have been with the people longer than you, fur ball. I can agree that the house has become more interesting since you came around, but I don't know if it interesting in a good way. You just stare at me all day and when I do get to come out you try to swat me. I used to be out all the time sitting on the lady's shoulder while she was at the computer, now I don't get to do that much because you ruin it.

Willie-- I don't mean to annoy you, I just don't understand you, I mean most berds are out on the other side of the window and you are in the house, I just want to touch you because your feathers look so soft.

Samule-- They are very soft feathers, but I don't think you need to know that. I see how you attack that little Ping guy and have your teeth around his throat, I don't want that to happen to me. I do thank you for letting me have a spot on your blog, that is generous of you.

Phin-- I would like to have a word with this cat too. I am in a bowl because I have to live in water, I don't much appreciate it when you stick your paws or tongue in my water, just so you know.

Willie-- Oh sorry about that, I saw another place to drink and thought I'd try, it tasted a bit funny though.

Phin-- Just don't let your paws or tongue touch me and we'll be fine. I'm getting up there in age for a phish, I am about 2 1/2 years old, which is a long time to be in a phish bowl, I can't take much stress from a kitten.

Well there you go everybody, that is Samule and Phin, they will have more to say later in the week, actually they will probably have more to say before then, but they will say it on the blog later in the week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh this is just great...

My Mum was messin with my blog and she busted it! She was tryin to make a new layout from the innernet work and didn't realized what would happen if she didn't save the blogger template. Now all of our widgets are gone and I have to upload it all over again.. Geesh, humans.

Update... never mind, false alarm, we just hadn't finished upgrading the template, it's all good again. However, how do we make a fancy heading up at the top like alot of blogs have?

Man Cat in Training Monday

Yesterday I had a few hours of crazy playing in the morning before I napped the rest of the day away.

I have some wild and crazy eyes in these pictures, it just shows what a tough manly man cat I am, don't mess with me. Ha hahaha!

A picture diary of what I did on Sunday

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I have my own email

I am officially speshuler now than I was five minits ago. My mum just got me my own email account to send all of my blog information and things to so they don't get lost in her yahoo account. Also so I can get mail from all of my kitty friends.
If you want to send me a letter my email is: williesnapp AT gmail DOT com


Hooray! Huzzah! Just when you thought I couldn't fit my butt into this cracker tunnel, you were wrong, I have done it! I am all the way in the tunnel...
Now how do I get out???

I gotta flip over and just keep pushin myself through, the same way I got in.
What a fun toy!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ode to Zesta Crackers

Some of you have said that this box does make my butt look a little bit big, but look at what happens next...

Well, I guess only half of the butt will fit in the cracker tunnel, aww darn. And I thought for sure I'd fit all the way in. I am so disappointed.

Does this box make my butt look big??

If you think it does, stay tuned, something amazing is going to happen a little later.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NOMS Friend Day

Today has been declared national Not Of My Species (NOMS) Friend day by THE CAT REALM.
We are all important beings in the world and we should all be friends. I have several NOMS in my family, although they do not have blogs of their own I would like to introduce you to them.

First off we have The Berd, who's name is Samuel. Here she is pretending that she is an outdoor wild berd, her wings had just been clipped so the peepul thought it would be fun to take her outside.
Samuel came to live with my peepul a long time ago, her gotcha day was in January 2001. She likes to come out of the cage and sit on their shoulder, but I like to look at her too closely and make her nervous. She hisses at me when I get too close.

Next is Phinnigan, he's a beta phish, he came to live with the peepul last September. He travelled all the way from Colorado to California with his house in a lunch cooler in May. He's pretty cool to look at: Unfortunately we cannot find the good phish pictures on the computers, but he is shown in my side bar to the right. Sorry.

I also have some long distance NOMS friends. They all live in Maine with my mums family.
The newest member is Casper, he's a baby Westie puppy and he's pretty darn cute. He lives with my Grammie and Grampa, he has only been there about 3 weeks and they love him to bits.

My Grammie and Grampa have a berd too, his name is Prince and is a Lady Gouldian Finch, he has a ploomage of many colors.
There is another dawg in my long distance family. His name is Rocco and he is my cousin, he belongs to my Auntie Heidi and cousin Kaleb. He's a goober of a dawg, he's only 1 year old and is this big, he is part yellow lab and part golden retriever.
I have other cat family in Maine too, also in North Carolina, but they are my species so they don't qualify for this post. I hope you have enjoyed meeting my long distance NOMS friends and family members.

Easy like Sunday

Just lappin and nappin on a Sunday morning.