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Thurday 13 - A few of my favorite things

Today I am going to tell you about a few of my favorite things, just like in the song.

1. Snugglin with my Mum in the peepul bed and sleepin in after the WB goes to work every mornin.
2. Night time wresslin in the peepul bed with the WB (Wresslin Buddy).
3. Temptations
4. Playin with my toyz.
5. Jumpin out at the peepul when they least expect it.
6. Runnin around the house like a crazy lunatic
7. Goin outside on the leesh, which I'm not allowed to do anymore because I try to run out by myself afterwards.
8. Eatin brekfast
9. Eatin dinner
10. Playin in the shower
11. Playin in the sink
12. Chasin the red beem around the floor and up the wall (even tho I can never catch it)
13. Watchin the berds (outside the window and the one in the cage)

And now I shall sing a song, I sure wish Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music were here to help me: (I have highlighted the ones that I particularly agree with)
My Favorite Things Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers
Raindrops on roses and whis…

The coolest award on the innernet!

Mr. Hendrix (who has a respiratory infection and needs some purrs and prayers) gave me a really pawsome award the other day!
It is a very impressive award isn't it! I think so. I think I will pass this fine award on to some other kitties who I think are really cool. I think that Chance, Angus Mhor, Ayla, and Monty are all very cool cats and they deserve to be awarded for their coolness.

Oh in other news in the battle against the voles in the yard. Even though I was unable to catch the one I went after the other day, I have a vital role in the next attack on the varmints. The WB put some of the litter from my box in the vole holes, he heard that cat smells will drive the voles away and used litter is a good way to introduce the scent. I have feline pine environmentally friendly litter, so any of you who may have said that putting clumping litter in the ground would be bad, you are correct, but that is not what happened. I'll let you know if it works. We'll see if I have…

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday Stalking Story

Since my Mum did not have the camera with her when we went owtside, this is going to be a story with no pictures. BOOOOOOO.

Yesterday I got to go outside on the leesh again. This doesn't happen neerly as offen as it should, but the peepul say that it is becuz when they do take me out on the leesh I try to run out the door by myself when I'm not supposed to. I just get excited and want to keep going outside, I don't think about the kyotees until they remind me.
Anywayz, so I was outside on the leesh. I ate a bunch of grass that was pretty tasty, until I started to gag on it. I roamed arownd, saw sum berds flying over me and herd annoying barking dogz and stuff.
And then I saw it... the grass moved in a spot on the lawn, I stopped to look at it. Mum wuz holding the leesh and my Wrestlin Buddy (the man as I have decided to call him, or the WB for short) was sittin in a chare. They saw me lookin at sumthin. I started to sneek up on it, becuz I wanted to find out what it was…

Showering on Saturday

Hey efurrybody! I just got out of the shower and now my fur is all soft and clean, any girl cats go out on a play date with me? Here I am drying off:

My Mum was none too happy when she got out of the shower and saw that I had sat my wet butt all over her clean clothes to wear to work. Heeheee! She put them in the dryer, it's all good now.
Note: It was all my idea to get in the shower and get soaking wet this morning, my Mum had nothing to do with it. In case anyone was wondering. :)

My new friend

The day that I came home, my Mum gave me this little "friend" to sleep in my bed with me and cuddle with. For two months all he has done was hang over the edge of the bed and creep me out!:
Last night she showed me that he can do more than just hang around....


All night long we wressled:

He doesn't mind if I bite him:

Sometimes he looks scared when I go in for a bite, I'd be scared too if I were him:

Right here he's saying, "Oh noes, Willie don't throw me over the edge of the bed":

This is how I carry him around the house:

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk QJ ,L
Oops sorry I hit that key for a little too long, typo.

Then when we are tired of wresslin, we can lay down together and just chill. It doesn't last long before we are back to wresslin.

He is my new best friend and I think he looks like my Squillion,Ying Ying, so I decided to call him Ping Ying or just Ping for short.

Another award. For me??

My huge thanks to Bendrix for noticing my talent of mischievousness and giving me this award!

The ‘Arte y Pico’ award" was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and their talents, also for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium. When you receive this award it is considered a "special honor". Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to 5 others.'
The rules for passing this honor on:
1) Pick 5 blogs that you would like to award this honor to.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

So now I have to give it out to 5 others and here is who I pick:
1. Daisy because she …

I've been tagged for my first Meme!

My best girl-cat friend Ayla has tagged me for a meme, I've never dun a meme before and am not reely shure what meme means, but this one I have to answer a qweshun and tell you all about 6 unspectacular (I'm guessin that means boring?) quirks of mine. Being a kitten, not much is unspectacular in my life, everything is pawsome! I'll give it a try though, here is the meme:

* Link to the one who tagged you.
* List the rules on your blog.
* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

1. My first unspectacular quirk is that I like to get in the shower and get all wet and then walk in the clumping litter. I get litter stuck every where you would never think that litter could get stuck on a kitty. My Mum duzn't think this is very special.
2. I'm too yung for cat nip interest, I don't do much with it, Ayla sent me some nip leaves and I chew on them for a second and then spit them out, nothing happens.
3. I want to sleep on the flat compyooter, but my Mum duzn&…

Tabby Toozday

After a long day of being mischievous I decided to take over Mum's chair while she was in the kichen. Today I learned how to jump on the kichen counter, I don't think Mum is happy with this new discovery of mine. I just want to get in the sink, I like the sink, every one of them and I have 3 sinks and the big bathtub, it's very exciting, ixsept she won't let me in the kichen one.

Nothing is going on

So nothing is going on around here. My Mum is slacking, she couldn't help me come up with a Thursday 13 this week, no suggestions at all, or really much else this week on the blog. we did just put up our picture for the Doing the Q contest, I hope it is a vote worthy pic. It kind of probably fits better in the Interpretation on a theme category than an actual full monty , but I thought it would be more fun to submit that picture than a sleeping picture. Since our house guest left, it has been pretty boring here. Oh I guess I never told you guyz, my big sister was here for 2 weeks, that is her arm in the picture, I miss her, she was here during the day when the peepul were gone to werk, now I have to stay by myself.
I have been watching the really fast berds that drink the sugar water outside the office window, they zoom around like crazy and have some sharp looking nozez.

She tricked me!

Today my Mum tricked me. One day last week she brought home a plastic bocks with holes all over it and put a nice towel at the bottom, I thot it was a place for me to sleep and I've been snoozin in it all week. It's cozy and comfy, at least so I thot, until today. She made me go in there and even tossed a treat in it so I would go inside, then she locked me in. Then she took me owtside in the bocks and put me in the big masheen and we drove back to that place that I went abowt a munth ago. The lady there stabbed me with sharp needles first she stabbed me in the sholder but I squirmed away, so anuther lady came in and put me in a towel and grabbed me up and held my butt owt for the other lady to stab me twice. They they turned me arownd and skwerted more of that deworming gook down my throat, I gagged some of it back owt just to show them I wuzn't pleezed. I wuz never so happy to get back in the bocks. They gave my Mum a certificate to show that I won't have rabeez f…

Saturday playing

Today the peepul thot it wood be fun to put me in a funny situation.

"Really, do we have to play this game?"
"I'm in a bag...Do you think I am grosseries?"

"Ok, that's it, the cat is coming out of the bag!"Before this game, earlier in the day I spent some time looking at the berd: (If you click to biggify you can see that I was thinkin about how she might taste)

And that is my Saturday, time for a nappy.

Tabby Toosday

This is my Mum and I playing with my cat Dancer that Ayla, LC and Skeeter sent me (by the way, Skeeter is vary ill and needz many purrs and prayers, pleese go visit him).
I get some big air when I leap for it.
I have my "whappin face" on, whach out cat dancer, and anybudy else who gets in the way.
I only look like I'm taking a break, I really getting ready to pounce.