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Natural Balance review

I think knows that I love wet food.  Almost every month they let me choose a new yummy food to try,  in return for my opinions. 
This month I've been trying out Natural Balance Delectable Delights in O'Fishally Scampi flavor.  Let me just say,  I love this food  so very much!   Delectable doesn't cover the true deliciousness of this stuff.  Mum tries to say that I just love food, which is mostly true,  I do love to eat, have a look at the size of my furchin-it'll show you,  but this food is more wonderful than other food I've tried.  Thank you, this is the best food I've tried yet!

Tabby Toesday

Check out my adorable black beans.  It's all about the toes on Tuesday.

Mancat Monday

Watchin' out the windows as Mancat Monday fades away for another week.

SlimCat Food Dispenser Review

Hey everybuddy!  Today I'm putting on my Chewy Influencer hat and giving a review for a food toy that sent me this month. They send me items of my choosing, for free, in return for an honest review.  

As we bounce into Spring time, it is important to keep our energy levels up, but after the long winter some of us may have some extra weight on our bones. I saw a fun picture today that had a caption that said "Finally my winter fat is gone, and now I have spring rolls"  I though that was pretty clever.  My vet has told us that I'm a little on the rolly polly side, which I disagree with, I'm just a big mancat in my opinion.  I have never turned down a meal and I don't plan to start now.  

However, humans tend to have different opinions. They think about weight too much sometimes, don't get me wrong, I understand that it is important to be healthy, but all this talk about weighing too much is just too life consuming.  Alas, I digress, I'm supposed…

Sunday Blogging

Mum has the laptop on the kitchen table, so it encourages her to help me blog more.  I guess she would rather be downstairs than up in the office, which is fine, I'll hang out anywhere.  Wherever she goes, I goes.  Today we are sitting at the kitchen table, on the big bench seat.  I'm just laying here, providing cuteness for her to put on my blog.  Everyone loves to see my cuteness!

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Moth Hunting

The other night while the WB was grilling the peepul's dinner (you'll see the bratwursts that he cooked on the video) he allowed a moth to enter my domain.  As you would all agree, any flying creature that enters the house is fair game for hunting.  I've even trained Mum to do the staring at the ceiling bit whenever there is a bug in here.  This is the video of my hunting expedition.


Holy cats!  It's been over 10 days since my last post, and that one wasn't even that good, I'm sorry friends.  We had a bit of blogger's block it seems. You'll be pleased to see that, today I finally have something fun to talk about.


Normally I don't get to try things like this, unless I beg really hard or just take it without permission.  On this fine day, the WB was sitting on the couch, eating food, a rare combination of things, since they usually eat at the table. As we all know, once the food is in a place that we are unarguably allowed to go, then it's fair game for a kitty to take part in.  

Thus commences the pizza thieving (attempt). 

Hey WB, I would very much like to sample that pizza, it looks so delicious, I can almost taste it. (Mum giggles everytime she sees this photo)

Here, I'm just going to lick it, just see if I like it.

OK, yes I like it.  I will just be having this piece, you won't miss it will you? (WB is saying "HEY, that…

Goodbye Mr. Stand

Some of you recall when we had a berd, (and a phish, hence my blog title, the Phin, Feather and Furr Gang).  Well that berd had to live in a cage, and that cage sat on a table, except for that one time that I knocked the whole thing off of the table.  Hold on, let me see if I can find a picture...
...20 minutes later...
Okay, well I finally found a video that we took a snip from with a picture of the berd stand:
That was from Jan 2011 and the stand had been with the berd since the berd joined the family in like the year 2001 or something.
Anyway, Mum actually gave that stand away to a neighbor today.  It has been with us for ages and it is still in very good condition even after numerous military and personal moves, from one side of the country to another.  It's been with us as a family for all this time and she just gives it away, like its nothing.  Apparently we are getting some furniture in the space that it has been occupying since we moved here and I guess it didn't match any…