Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edishun 3: My other names

Today I thought I wood share with efurryone some of the other names that my Mum callz me besides just Willie.

1. Boo Boo Kitty
2. Purrbot (cuz I hav a lowd purr)
3. Freddy Kruger's Cuzin (cuz I have feersome claws)
4. Wild Willie
5. Silly Willie
6. Devil Kitten
7. Litter Boy
8. No, get down
9. You little Nerd
10. Baby Boy
11. Tiger
12. Cutie cute kitty
13. William- When I'm bad

Well, we thought that we had 13, but Mum and I have forgotten the last 4. I'm shure we'll think of them later and when we do we'll add them on the list. We've got a few more now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My kitty cuzins

Hey efurrybody, my kitty cuzins Kit and Archie just started a Catster page:
maybe if we all band together and bombard their page with comments and treets, my Auntie Anne will help them start a blog too.
This is Kit...
This is Archie...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tabby Toze Toosday

I'm hiding my eyez behind my cute toze.

It's also cute to snooze like this.

My Mum likes to take pics of me when I'm snoozin, I don't know why.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mail on Monday!!

Today I got a pawsome package from Ayla, LC and Skeeter, I love everything that they sent to me!! If you see specks on the floor Mum wanted you to know that it is one of my kibbles that got stepped on because I scooped it out of the dish, her floor isn't really that dirty.

This is my assortment of gifts that came in the little envelope. My new very fun Cat Dancer toy, some treets, some leeves of nip and a very nice card.

Heer I am reedin the card, I luved your birthday party Ayla and LC, it was grate! I'm so glad that we met there.

I gotta look at the frunt of the card too.

I gotta give efurrything a thoro inspecshun.

Theese leeves smell good. Mum, let me taste one.
They taste good too!
Now it's time to play with this Cat Dancer!! Whee!
Thank you so much Ayla, LC and Skeeter, yoo guyz are the best!

Also, I can't forget to mention: Ayla was so nice the other day, she gaved me this Excellent award, she's so nice to me, thank you Ayla.

I'll be hangin it on my wall as soon as I'm done with this post.

Luv, Willie

Strollin Sunday

Since no body took me for a stroll on the leesh today (or yesserday, or the day before, or the day before that), I decided to sneek out and go for a snoop owtside by myself. Mum was makin dinner and felt chilly in the howse so she closed the front door. A few minutes later, she wuz wundering where I wuz, becuz I wuzn't buggin her in the kitchen for treets or anything. She looked in the howse and didn't see me anywhere. She opened the front door and noticed that the screen door wuzn't latched. She thot to herself, "That darn cat! He's gonna get capchured by kyotees!" She walked out the door and looked down the walkway and fownd me sniffin arownd the tree at the end of the howse. She came and scooped me up and hauled me back in the howse. Telling me all the way that I need to stay inside and that the kyotees are gonna eat me. I don't see what the big deal is, I just wanna check owt the stuff owtside, I don't know who theese kyotees are but maybe she is right and I don't want them to meet me. I'll never lern...(that's what she thinks), I sneek owt when I get the chance and get in truble every time, the peepul can't figure owt a way to make me not do that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edishun 2: For the Bun Luvers!

My Mum got an email this week called: Beware of Identity Theft. I thought it would make a happy little T13 for everyone to look at.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Question about litter

My Mum has a question about what litter I should use. What kind do you all use? I have been using Feline Pine, but the peepul still smell my stinkies. Plus the sawdust is messy once the pellets fall apart and it's difficult to separate the sawdust from the pellets without the box that has the screen in the middle to filter the sawdust to the bottom, we don't have that and don't want to get it. She wants to just be able to go to the commissary to get my litter and not have to drive to town to the pet store. Another thing about the pine, the pellets get kicked out of the box and they roll around all over the floor. What kind should she get? Tidy Cats, fresh step etc... She doesn't know, she's been looking on the internet for advice but wanted a knowledgeable answer from our blogosfeer friends. I'm her first kitty and doesn't have the answers for these tough questions.
Fanks efurrybody.


Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mini Mancat in Training Monday

This is my roaring face, scairy isn't it? Did you know that my foster family actually called me Rory before my Mum and Dad adopted me, that is what my first name wuz. They said that I made funny noizes when I ran around the howse so that is why they named me Rory. While I'm at it, here is my original biography from the where my Mum found me:

Hi! I am Rory! That is me on the right side, snuggled up next to my brothers and sisters. I was named Rory for the funny noises I make when I run through the house. I love to play. I have been raised in a home with other cats as well as a big black dog. I love them all. My foster family would like to find me a home before I get to be 8 weeks and 2lbs so that once I am neutered I can start my new life with my new family. I would love to meet you and fill your home with happiness and love. I am up to date with my vaccines. If you are interested in meeting me please send us an e-mail so that the foster coordinator can contact my foster family and we can schedule a time to get acquainted.

These are my brothers and sisters, I hope they found wunderful furrever homes just like I have.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Furry Fighter Friday

Today I say goodbye to a very beautiful friend. Storm went to the Rainbow bridge today after winning her battle with the cancer two times. I didn't know her well, but she will be missed by me and the rest of the cat blogosfeer and it makes me and my mum's eyes leek to know that she is gone. We pray for her family. Goodbye lovely Stormie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tabby Toosday

I smile wen I snooze in my Mum's lap.

I like to streeeech all the way out.
Alllllll the way out. It's comfy that way.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Strollin Owtside on Sunday

Today I got to go owtside in the bak yard, I wore the bloo leesh and collar that my mum and Dad got me, so I wuz safe and couldn't go runnin off. I've been owt before, but today is the furst day she took pikchurs. Furst I sat on the edge of the cement and looked at the grass:

Then I set owt into the green grasses, I eeted sum of them while I wuz thare:

I prowled around like a tiger in the wilderness:

I went to check out the briks:

And then I thowt I woold be nice a pull up some weeds in between the briks to help owt my Mum and Dad:
I got scaird wen the lady frum next door came owtside to see me, I ran but since I wuz on the leesh I didn't get far, but my Mum ran with me a little ways so I could get away. Then I went to see the lady and she petted me nicely, they have 3 dawgs at her howse, I smelled them on her pants.
Then I came back inside to play with my toyz.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edishun 1

Yay! My furst Thursday 13 post! How eksitin. I have deesided to tell you all abowt 13 things that I, sweet and innocent lil' Willie have gotten in truble for this week.

1. Tried to get in the fridge

2. Tried to get in the dishwasher

3. Played with my mum’s bare feet when she got owt of the shower

4. Climbed mum’s leg like she wuz a tree

5. Went behind the TV stand ware thare are lots of wires

6. Stalked the berd

7. Tried to eet the green leafy thing

8. Climbed the screen door

9. Put my feet in the water in the big wite flushing thing in my litter room, then walked arownd the seet leaving little cat tracks all over it.

10. Bit mum too hard wen we wer playin

11. Tried to get in the shower, while mum wuz in thare

12. Walked on and then sat down on the shiny paper book that mum wuz tryin to reed

13. Tried to escape to the owtside werld, wen the peepul came in the door

My mum says that I am a mischivis kitten, whutever that meens. She luvs me anyway.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tabby Toosday

It's Toosday today, I have no tabby toosday picture yet, because my mum hazn't taken one uf me today, maybe later, once I take my nap and I'm back in action again for the evening.
Enyway, my mum iz still sick, she has a cold, coffin and sneezin all the time and thare are tissues everyware, I'm tempted to toss them arownd, but I've been good so far. She feels good enuff to pull the string arownd tho, so that's good fur me.
I watched the sprinklers on the lawn tooday, I wish I kood go owt thare and see what thay are doin spinnin arownd all over, my mum says I woodn't like them. I keep trying to go in the shower too, I am reely interested in the water, but my mum says I woodn't like the shower neether. She likes it, why woodn't I?
Mum got me sum catnip, I've herd abowt this stuff, but at this point, I don't reely see whut all the fuss is, maybe I'm not old enuff to unnerstand. I dunno. I ate it, I smelled it, nothin happened. Whut iz supposed to happen enyway?
I see that my Auntie Anne stopped by the blog, Hi Auntie Anne!! Maybe Kitt and Archie can start bein bloggin cats too, tell em it's reely fun. Kitt and Archie are my kitty cuzins.
Mum says that she has to go to the store to buy dinner, I think she's gettin hamz, maybe I can try sum if I'm lucky, I think miss Daisy or sumbody said that hamz iz good.

Luv, Willie

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Helpin my mum

My mum has a sore throte and duzn't feel so good today. She's just sittin on the cowch watchin teevee. I've been helpin her feel better by sittin with her and snugglin. I try to sit still but after a wile I get bored and have to go run arownd for a few minits but then I come back and sit with her sum more. I hope she feels better soon, she can't run arownd and drag the string for me when she duzn't feel good.


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